Solar Power
Solar Power

Indonesia has the gift of sunshine. Almost in every corner of Indonesia, the sun shone all morning until the afternoon. Energy emitted by the sun can be converted into electrical energy using solar cells panels.

Solar power generation is environmentally friendly, and very promising. As one alternative to replace power plants use steam (oil and coal).

The development of technology in making solar panels better than the level of efficiency, long-lasting battery manufacture, and manufacture of electronic devices that can use Direct Current.

At this time the use of solar energy (solar panels) is still considered expensive in the absence of subsidies. The electricity we use today is actually subsidized electricity. Imagine exploitation / mining kerosene, coal (damaging the environment), the manufacture of steam electric power generation, power distribution, all of which were built at great expense.

Excess Solar Power:
• Renewable Energy / never run out
• Clean, environmentally friendly
• Age-term solar cell panel / long-term investment
• Practically, it does not require treatment
• It is suitable for tropical regions such as Indonesia

Solar panels as an important component of a solar power plant, turning sunlight into electricity. Generally we calculate the maximum sunlight converted into electricity throughout the day is 5 hours. Electric power in the morning - afternoon is stored in the battery, so that electricity can be used at night, where no sunlight.

Solar Power Generation Plan
Since solar power is dependent upon sunlight, so good planning is necessary. Planning consists of:

• The amount of energy needed for daily use (Watt).
• How large is the current produced solar cells panel (Ampere hour), in this case calculate how many solar panels to be installed.
• How many units of batteries required for the desired capacity and consideration use without sunlight. (Ampere hour).

In value to the economy, solar power has a higher value, where the power of the PT. PLN is not enabled, or the installation of petrol or diesel power generators. For example, remote areas: mining, farming, fishing, remote villages, etc.. In terms of long term value to the economy is also high, due to good planning, solar power with solar panels have the endurance 20-25 years. Battery and some other components with durability 3-5 years.

Components of Solar Power Generation
For the installation of solar power as a power plant, required components as follows:
1. Solar panel
2. Charge controller
3. Inverter
4. Battery

Solar panels convert solar energy into electricity. Silicon cells (also called solar cells) are exposed to the sun / solar, making photons that produces an electric current. A solar cells produce less voltage 0.5 Volt. So a 12-volt solar panels made up of approximately 36 cells (to produce 17 volts maximum voltage).

Charge controller, is used to regulate the charging arrangements. Maximum voltage produced solar cells in the summertime panels will produce high voltage which can damage the battery.

Inverters, are electrical devices that convert the direct voltage (DC - direct current) into alternating voltage (AC - alternating current).

Battery, is a chemical device to store electricity from solar power. Without batteries, solar energy can be used only when there is sunlight.


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