Operation & Maintenance
Operation & Maintenance


Our diesel power plant Operation and Maintenance (O&M) services are providing nearly complete package. In addition to commercial operating, maintaining and repairing the power plant (together with Komatsu Representative in Indonesia), we offer technical support and can manage and train the plant personnel. Our experience covers power plant installation and commissioning as well as commercial operation, maintenance and potential rental engine.

Today our diesel power plant service includes installation & commissioning, maintenance & O&M. We apply experience gained in one service area to improve other services and set a new standard for customer satisfaction


Operation Services

Our efforts continue so that Engine may emerge as the recognize diesel power plant Operation, both quantitatively and qualitatively.


Maintenance Services

Our preventative maintenance services cover the engine, generator and balance of plant (BOP) systems. They are conducted according to a regular schedule as well as on the basis of operational hours to ensure maximum plant reliability and avoid unscheduled shutdowns.


Installation & Commissioning Services

During the initial construction or plant expansion work, we inspect carefully to identify potential problems (performance irregularities, shutdowns and quality defects) and correct them prior to startup.

Each system is installed and test operated, and the overall plant is performance tested to ensure that everything is in peak working condition at the time commercial operation begins.


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