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Yearly PLTD & Operator Achievement

Yearly PLTD & Operator Achievement

For PT. Megapower Makmur, operator is one important part in the founding of a company. Motivational factors clearly have a direct connection with the performance of individual operators other than ability and work environment factors. So it is strategic, if the operator starts the development of individual performance improvement work motivation.


The Purpose of YEARLY PLTD & OPERATOR ACHIEVEMENT known as the "Employee of the Year (EoY)" the direct reward for diesel and Operators who display behavior that is in line with the vision, goals and values ​​of a company specializing in the implementation of the project work in the period runs (Annual). In addition, this award is also intended to encourage diesel and Operator elected to remain outstanding and boost performance as well as diesel and other operators.


In 2012 for Best PLTD given to PLTD Pakning Sei. As for the Best Supervisor is Khaidir which also comes from PLTD Sei Pakning. And for the operator is divided into 2 (two) in the Best Plant Operator Bangka achieved by Wahyu Saputra from PLTD Muntok and Best Plant Operator Riau which also returns achieved from the PLTD Sei Pakning Saumal Hamdani.


The selection of diesel and the best operator in principle using criteria tailored to the mission, vision or purpose of the PT. Megapower Makmur. Factors that have been determined by the PT. Megapower Makmur is divided into two major groups, namely:

Key factors:

1. Focusing to Work - Focus on Job View

2. Achievements in the future - Extramile Achievement

3. Initiative / creativity - Inniative / creativity


Supporting factors:

1. Honesty & Sincerity - Honesty and integrity

2. Working in the Standard Work - Beyond Job Description

3. etc..


PT. Megapower Makmur Management

04 Jun 2012



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