Hydro Power
Hydro Power

Electrical conditions in Indonesia, especially for PT PLN (Persero) is currently faced with various problems such as:
a) The issue of availability of primary energy,
b) Availability of power is not balanced by the growth in electricity demand,
c) Dependence on oil and fuel prices are increasing expensive,
d) Electricity Cost (EC) remains high,
e) New electrification ratio reaches 54%,
f) Financial limitations PLN to build additional plants,
g) The selling price of electricity has not reached the economic value,
h) etc...


As we know that the current EC outside Java, especially in eastern Indonesia is still very high and this is because most of the plants using the fuel.

By looking at the condition of the limited supply of electricity (imbalance between supply and demand for electric power for household use; business; social and industrial growth) will potentially occur at the time of peak load outages due to lack of availability of electrical power. Until now PT PLN (Persero) had difficulty to supply new customers, especially for industrial and business customers.


To overcome the problems mentioned above have made ​​efforts to find and exploit new sources of renewable and alternative energy. One source of renewable energy potential is water on the river for Minihidro Power Plant (MHP). Potential Indonesia’s MHP is relatively abundant and are scattered in various regions. On this occasion the PT. Megapower Makmur proposed building MHP Bantaeng-1 on the river Bialo with 4200 kW promised capacity (i.e.: 1 unit size 2100 kW and 1 unit size 2100 kW) in Bantaeng district, South Sulawesi.


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