Diesel Power
Diesel Power

Diesel Power Center (PLTD) fuel oil (diesel), typically used to meet electricity needs in a number of small load, especially for new or remote areas for rural electrification. In the development of the diesel can also use gas fuel (BBG) The machine uses a diesel combustion chamber where the explosions in the combustion chamber moving the piston / piston to the crankshaft which is then converted into rotary energy. This rotary energy is used to turn a generator that transform them into electrical energy. To improve the efficiency of air mixed with the fuel pressure and the temperature is raised first to the turbo charger. The turbo charger driven by the exhaust gases of combustion from the combustion chamber.

The diesel engine used must be of high quality, performance and durability of the best, with low fuel consumption which produces high output, as well as light, vibration and low noise, so as not to cause pollution of both air and sound (still being reasonable in legislation)


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